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Insta 360 Camera – test

This home was for sale at the time this 360 scan was done. We recently purchased an Insta360 Camera to see the difference in quality compared to our normal scans with our Matterport Camera. Here is what we concluded: First, thank you to David Bradley, with Iowa Realty in Fort Dodge, for letting us test our new camera in this huge home near the Des Moines River in Fort Dodge, IA. I’d be surprised if it was still for sale. It had a ton of potential to become a million dollar mansion. If you want to know the status, contact David Bradley.

Pros – Insta360 Camera was very quick and took half the time to scan a home compared to Matterport Camera. Insta360 was small, compact and came with an extra battery which could easily be exchanged during a scan. The price of the Insta360 camera was under $500 while the Matterport Camera was around $4,000.

Cons – The Insta360 Camera quality output was poor compared to the Matterport Camera. We processed the scan through the Matterport software, but the stitching of photos were sometimes off.

In the end, we will continue to use our Matterport Camera unless you specifically request the Insta360 Camera. We will continue to test other cameras, but we won’t compromise our quality we provide you.

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