Our Recommended Businesses


When it comes time to buy/sell or rent a home, you need help. The businesses listed below are businesses we highly recommend. If you're not originally from the area, you need to know who to trust. These businesses go above and beyond customer service along with having high quality products and/or services. We receive NO KICKBACKS for recommending these businesses. We will only recommend the best of the best... and here they are:

This business is located in Ames, IA. The owner is an artist who sells her watercolor originals and prints. What sets her aside from most artists is that she can custom design/paint just about anything. Wouldn't it be cool to have her paint a picture of your storefront, home or even an aerial picture of your farm? Perfect for gift-giving too. Fill your blank wall spaces with paintings from a local artist. If you're selling your home, these paintings would be perfect for staging your rooms and/or hallways. Little things like this can help you maintain or increase the price of your home.

This is a "one of a kind" store in Webster City, IA. They sell almost anything related to home or business decorating and living spaces. Not only are their products top quality, but you can also pay the owner to help you design your home/business. The owner, Kevin Rubash, is EXTREMELY gifted when it comes to designing your home/business.

OHP Marketing Services

OHP Marketing Services is a dedicated business. If you've already worked with them, you already know how good they are. Some could say they are our competition, but they are more of our partner than our competition. They are the most trustworthy and high quality marketing business we've ever seen. If they can't do something, they will put hundreds of hours/days into figuring out how to do something and how to perfect it. They have great pride in their work... which says a lot. We actually hire them to help us with some of our drone projects depending on our schedule.

AE Properties is a real estate rental business in Webster City, IA. We got the opportunity to view some of their apartments and a duplex they own. You will never see a property cleaner than theirs. They take great pride in the properties they rent. Everything is always up to code. Their rental prices are very competitive when compared to other real estate rentals in Webster City. When you rent from them, they lay out all the expectations and rules very clearly. They also monitor their properties almost daily. What sets them unique, is that they pride themselves on making their tenants happy (within reason of course). That's a rare find these days.