Staging Your Property

How do you stage your home to be photographed?

Remember that you want your home to look it’s absolute best because these photos will be used for advertisement purposes to help sell your home.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! It’s always advised to rent a temporary storage unit and put all of your items in this until after you move. Keep only the absolute essentials in your home (essential furniture, medicine, a few pieces of clothing, etc.)
  • Clear off all countertops and have zero items on there. Your toaster could probably go to your storage unit. If you can’t live without the coffee pot in storage, then hide it in your cabinets.
  • Clean your carpets. Rent a rug doctor if you have to. Just make sure it’s clean and spots aren’t showing.
  • Clean your windows. Make sure there are no visible streaks.
  • Turn off ceiling fans. These need to be still for the photos.
  • Make your bed like it came out of a magazine photo.
  • Touch-up paint. If you can re-paint in neutral colors, this would be the way to go.
  • Fresh flowers always look nice. Buy fake ones if you want. We don’t mind. Just make sure the fake ones look good.
  • Remove all magnets or post-it notes from your fridge.
  • Set the table if you have nice, matching, elegant dishes… otherwise, keep remove everything.
  • Open all blinds. Make sure they are dust-free and look nice.
  • Remove all clothing hampers, shoes, keys, coats, etc. and hide them in a closet.
  • Make sure all your light bulbs are working. We will use this lighting to photograph your home.
  • Pack up the family photos and personal items. Put these in your storage unit. De-personalize your entire home.
  • Mow your lawn and trim edges.
  • De-weed your garden or landscaping.